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This summer we are going to make a long hike. We will go far up North, far far away from anything that looks like humans. Very very close to huuuuge trout and char. It is not going to be easy. Who said life supposed to be easy anyway?

We have been doing some serious planning about the summer-trip, but it will not be enough. In order to be able to do the trip, we have to reach true fitness. We have to run, bike, work and oil our bodies until we look twice as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best days. Until we cant make proper shadow casts anymore.

I spent the last week together with my wife in the mountains, about 700 km from Gothenburg. I had totally forgot how beautiful and silent the winter is up there. For a while it felt that we could touch the sky. Actually a bear was sleeping 200 meters from where we were skiing…

The trip was step one in the JFF fitness plan. We were skiing the whole week. I´m not talking about downhill skiing of course, that won´t make you particularly fit. That´s more about freezing on the way up and trying to get warm on the way down. I´m talking about cross country skiing, the most painful and beautiful art of sport in the world. My body still aches.

Next week I´ll start to do hundred push ups every day. It will probably last for two days only, but I like to aim high. It feels good. Aim high and land low. More about this later. Lets run, guys! /F

Rage Against the Shadow Cast

Approaching 60.000 views on YouTube and Vimeo, Tapani´s little satire on the art of fly casting is still causing massive controversy online.

Especially on YouTube, where haters and lovers leave their comments on a regular basis. In fact, some viewers were getting so heated up by this little video that we had to start moderating the comments!

Some of my favourite comments:

His haul is shite.


“But there are situations.” – hahhahahhhahhahhaha :-)


Stupid cast…no, there are not situations. Idiots!


So you manically slap the water with 20′ of line, lose contact with it, and slop a slack line forward, instead of an easy back/forward cast? Why?…If it’s intended to make fun of fly fishing, it’s just lame. Fine material for short attention span Youtuber’s, I suppose. Don’t perfect a craft…”Post” and cackle.


@PremiseTester: lighten up u miserable twat


lol, would like Jason Borger to watch this, and see what he say.


Love the fact so many people don’t seem to understand that this is you guys havin a laugh. Awesome videos guys, keep it up…we want more!!


Those casts are the most ridicoulous casts I have ever seen!


this is a failed variant of speycasting with a one handed rod…

you are stupid and you wasted my time


You all need to pull your fingers out of your assholes and take a chill pill. This video is obviously lighthearted, and if you fail to see that, you must be a horrible person to go fish with. Christ, what ever happened to personal style and taste? Have a laugh, dry out your waders, and stop being so damn negative and critical.


f@king funny guys ! :D


You´re an idiot.


i tried this casting method and ended up travelling back in time 2000 years.


It is hard to pick a winner, but the final comment by “johnkay33″ really stands out.

Here´s a previously unseen photo from the original Shadow Cast sessions:

And here´s the video again:

If you´re still up for more Shadow Cast stuff, click here to see Jason Borger´s thorough analysis of the J&FF Shadow Cast, British SC-discussions, and much, much more.

Later -


If you wanna see the video on YouTube (there are new, entertaining comments coming all the time), click here.

Shadow Cast: The Jury Has Reached a Verdict!

After days of intense scrutiny in the drama-filled dark of my private projection room, I have finally arrived at a decision in the planet-wide J&FF Shadowcasting Competition. I won’t waste any time getting to the point: The boys at J&FF furnished me with what they considered the three finalists, and I decided that #2 — “Shadowcasting in Bartelva” — is the video to take the overall prize. Now, that said, I *do* want to waste some time talking about the decision:

First place: #2, “Shadowcasting in Bartelva”

While lacking traditional Hollywood production values such as multiple camera angles (or for that matter, much in the way of editing), this film does have two strong suits that ultimately tipped it to be the winner. 1) There is a fish hooked. 2) There is a fish landed. That’s a 150% bonus onto the base rating, which allowed this video to just edge out the second place finisher, #7 (“The Stealth Shadow Cast”). The pastoral soundtrack also balances nicely against the tension developed with the obviously well-practiced and highly skilled shadowcasting. Multiple variations of the shadowcasts, however subtle they may appear to even the trained eye, also made the Bartelva vid worthy of repeat viewings. In addition to the Best Picture award, I must also give this film the Best Documentary award (for real, on-camera fish-catching). Many anglers could learn a thing or two here, and the fact that the fly stayed on the leader during the various casts indicates that our actor is a master of force application in fly casting (or is lucky). ***1/2 (the fish catching added the extra, winning star).

Second place: #7, “The Stealth Shadow Cast.”

This video was in the early running as #1, partly because I watched it first and am lazy. The dramatic close-ups of the steely-eyed protagonist, coupled with the fact that the actor did his own stunts (his casting speed was breathtaking!), were highly convincing aspects of filmmaking. If my decision was based on actor-cred alone, I likely would have gone with this vid as #1. As it is, I still must give the Best Actor award here, as well as Best Make-Up (flowers—brilliant!) and Best Stunts. Had a fish been caught (even a stunt-trout), this would have been our winner. But…the awards criteria demand that I weight fish-catching heavily, so #7 becomes #2. ***.

Third place: #15,  “Shadow Cast 2 – The Fly Society.”

Avant-garde and daring! A couple of minor issues: No water, no fish, no caster, and no shadows. Did I mention avant-garde and daring? The filmmakers may have also simply misunderstood the concept of “shadow” in the shadowcast, and instead just went ahead and invented the “anti-shadow shadowcast.” And to be fair, where would we be without those willing to push the boundaries? This definitely wins the Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Best Visual Effects awards, but is not in the Best-Picture running (due to the aforementioned lack of water, fish, casters and shadows). Now, that said, I am going to step aside from my pseudo-serious review for a moment and say “bravo!” For real. This, to me, is truly beautiful—a real art-piece on fly casting. Nicely done. * for actual shadowcasting; **1/2 for inventing anti-shadow shadowcasting;  **** for production.

I must also say that film #1 (“Thorvald´s first Shadow Cast”) deserves an Honorable Mention. And to all who entered, your brilliant and *very serious* efforts involving modern shadowcasting must be held up as examples of fearless exhibitionism. Not just anyone is willing to reveal such high-art unfiltered. It takes guts to show off your casting skills like that, but in the end, the fly-fishing world is better for it!

My best to all,

PS! Click here to see all the videos

New SC Competition Entry: Back in 2007(?)

Now this is some interesting stuff! Our good friends and colleagues at Frontsidefly.com sent us this video a couple of days ago. While it does show some very impressive Shadow Casting, the most interesting thing about this video is that the Frontside guys claim that it is from 2007(!) Now if this was true, it would mean that they were Shadow Casting at a very high level several years before we started developing our New, Improved Shadow Cast™.

This is of course impossible. The video is obviously a cleverly designed fake, but you have to give the Frontside guys credit for the serious effort they´ve made to make the video look like it´s from 2007. They´ve filmed it with an old camera, they´re wearing clothes that were considered high fashion in some circles back then, and they´ve even shaved their faces and retouched the pictures to achieve that baby face look. Impressive!

While none of these tricks fool us
, we´re still flabbergasted by their new cast, and welcome their spectacular contribution to the Shadow Cast competition.

Our friends over at Vak did a story on this whole controversy some days ago, Check it out here. It´s good.

See all the entries and post your own at The Shadow Cast Competition Page !
We’re still accepting entries today and tomorrow!

Shadowmaster: The Song

Only eleven days to go until the Shadow Cast competition closes!

Just to remind you, the winner gets:

- Eternal Glory

- Guideline Fario 8’6” #6 – THE ULTIMATE SHADOW CAST ROD.

- The song “The Man I Want To Be” dedicated to him/her, written, performed and produced by J&FF.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is  Fredrik himself in the middle of the making of the song (suffering of a sudden burst of creativity):

New Shadow Cast Deadline: November 1st

We´re thrilled about the way our Shadow Cast competition has turned out so far. Some of the entries are just incredible!

However, we suspect there might still be some unseen fly casting sensations in the making.
That´s why we´re changing the deadline to 1st of November 2011.

Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Send us a video of your best and most creative Shadow Cast right now – eternal fly casting glory awaits you!
Submit your video here

And while we wait
for more entries and the final verdict from Grand Shadow Master Jason Borger, here´s Fredrik with his brand new San River Snake Surrender Cast:

May the Shadow be with you -

Håvard / J&FF

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