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We make videos with DSLRs, cellphones, handycams, or whatever we can get our hands on. Our latest project is a documentary about, well, ourselves.

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We are four jazz musicians who are crazy about fly fishing. In 2009, we formed a jazz band called Jazz & Fly Fishing and went on a once-in-a-lifetime tour, playing concerts and flyfishing all over Sweden, Norway and Finland. A TV production team followed us along the road and made a documentary TV series about our adventures. The whole thing turned out to be too much fun, so here we are - making music and movies, and blogging about jazz, fly fishing, and beyond. Enjoy!



Our debut album, Slow Walking Water available now!


We Won!

Wooohooo! The final (and best) episode of our Season Two, The Curse, won the Gullkroken (Golden Hook) award for best film.
The award show was was held in Christiana Theater in Oslo, and the large theatre was jam-packed with happy fishermen. What a party it was. I still have a headache.

Some pics from the show:

Our good friends over at LeMouching were there, and wrote a great piece about the show with lots of pictures and a really funny text. Check it out!

And finally, here it is again, Grandmaster Tapani´s best edit so far:

Season Two Episode 4: The Curse from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

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It´s been a while since our last video, but we got some really nice material this season, and have some winter-shortening videos coming up soon.

First, a video that has very little to do with fly fishing (but there are a couple of fly fishing-related things in there, if you watch it carefully).

The song is called Atlantis, and it´s taken from my own Håvard Stubø Quartet´s quartet album Vilhelmina. It´s available on CD and vinyl as well as digitally right now.

Hope you like it!

Later -




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The happy Finn

16th of june was booked since a couple of weeks back. Me and Fredrik found one single night we were able to go fishing together. It turned out to be a very beautiful evening as we arrived to the coast at sunset. Our friend Joel joined us and we were looking forward to the night fishing for sea trout. These midsummer nights have been good and we had a good feeling about the trip. When we got to the shore we saw that the water lever was very low and the wind was blowing from the “wrong” direction. Maybe it wasn’t going to be as good as we expected after all.

After some casts, coffee and sandwitches we had landed a couple of trout babies but saw nothing bigger. Then at the darkest hour Fredrik found a couple of feeding fish and was eagerly casting on those. He put on a really slim, simple fly and tried to present it very slowly. That seemed to be the trick. He lost one good fish and a missed a couple of strikes, but after a moment he landed a beautiful, big seatrout around 2,5 kilos. He handed the fly over to me – I was working on another fish that had been up on the surface. Moments later, I managed to hook that one and land a pretty, fat seatrout around 1,5 kilos. The night was turning out to be really good after all.

As the activity went down and I started to freeze, I took a walk to another spot that I knew often held good fish. I didn’t see anything in the surface and started blind casting. After a few casts something took the fly and I realized it was a trout way bigger than the one I landed earlier. Fredrik and Joel saw that I might needed help and rushed to me with the net and a camera. As the fish finally was landed, we saw what a beast it really was.

My personal trout record has now been adjusted to 68 centimeters, 3,8 kilos. I can tell you it was quite a relief to land a fish like this after all the curses and lost fish (see the ep.4 of Season 2 and you’ll get what I mean). And the summer up here has just begun…

The happy Finn

One Response to “The happy Finn”

  1. avatar

    Dan  on June 25th, 2014

    Good god!

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New videos: Season Two, Episodes 3 & 4!

Yes! At last, here are the two final episodes of Season Two. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “New videos: Season Two, Episodes 3 & 4!”

  1. avatar

    Graham  on June 13th, 2014

    Superb works guys, can’t believe I nearly missed this one!! Pretty much sums up my 2013 season of bad knots and rubbish nylon!! Haha

  2. avatar

    Westler&Orrbeck  on June 13th, 2014

    Brilliant guys!

  3. avatar

    darkmontreal  on June 14th, 2014


  4. avatar

    espen  on June 14th, 2014

    Faen dokker begynne å bli drittgod på å fortelle historia med film. Glimrende arbeid!!

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Tie your own leader

There is a djungel of fly fishing leaders out there. Do you have you own favorite?

I have tried a lot of different brands and lengths but never really found a leader that beats the ones I tie myself. I did not invent this formula, only got inspired from a legend in the fly fishing world; Charles Ritz. He developed his own system and I changed it a little bit in order to make it work where I go fishing. I prefer pretty long leaders… 10 feet or more when fishing sea trout in the ocean and 12 feet or more when the dry fly is floating downstream some secret nordic river.

If you want to try, here is the JFF formula. You do not have to add extra centimeters in order to compensate lost material when doing the knot, it is already done. Loop knot: Perfection loop, all other knots: The blood knot. (it becomes slightly more aerodynamic than the grinner knot).

One more thing! The quality of the monofilament you use is of course very important. Check out different brands and compare the stiffness. You want a pretty stiff line in order to make the fly turn over when fishing, We use Maxima or Stroft…

Ok, it looks like this:

Dry fly leader, modified Ritz leader

0.50 = 140 cm

0.45 = 102 cm

0.40 = 46 cm

0.35 = 36 cm

0.30 = 29 cm

0.25 = 24 cm

0.20 = 20 cm

0.16 = 100 cm (last piece = flour carbon)

Total length ≈ 14 feet


Seatrout leader

0.50 = 130 cm

0.45 = 92 cm

0.40 = 44 cm

0.32 = 36 cm

0.27 = 30 cm

0.24 = 92 cm (last piece = flour carbon)

Total lenght ≈ 12 feet

Please let us know how you like the leaders! Good luck! /Fredrik

3 Responses to “Tie your own leader”

  1. avatar

    Ted  on April 30th, 2014

    I tie my leaders from clear Amnesia with less steps and a tippet ring. Makes straightening a breeze, your leaders last longer and it’s very easy to vary/change your tippet!

  2. avatar

    Amos Garrett  on May 4th, 2014

    Fredrik– Could you also do your leader formulas in Imperial measurements ( feet and inches)?– thanks– Amos

  3. avatar

    Kristian  on May 9th, 2014

    Great! Will try it out :)

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New Video – Season Two Episode 2: The Sacrifice

Hello, dear friends!

Easter is over, and Episode 2 of Season Two is ready.
Fittingly for Easter, the episode´s main theme is sacrifice and rejuvenation of faith. Other than that, there are few biblical references…

Season Two Episode 2: The Sacrifice from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

Press CC on the player for English subtitles.

Hope you like it!

2 Responses to “New Video – Season Two Episode 2: The Sacrifice”

  1. avatar

    Arne  on April 22nd, 2014


  2. avatar

    Amos Garrett  on April 25th, 2014

    great episode– it’s good for people to see how nasty a fishing trip can be– and still rewarding–

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