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We make videos with DSLRs, cellphones, handycams, or whatever we can get our hands on. Our latest project is a documentary about, well, ourselves.

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We are four jazz musicians who are crazy about fly fishing. In 2009, we formed a jazz band called Jazz & Fly Fishing and went on a once-in-a-lifetime tour, playing concerts and flyfishing all over Sweden, Norway and Finland. A TV production team followed us along the road and made a documentary TV series about our adventures. The whole thing turned out to be too much fun, so here we are - making music and movies, and blogging about jazz, fly fishing, and beyond. Enjoy!



Our debut album, Slow Walking Water available now!


Tellmefishing video contest

My little video from last year, Focus, was one of the nominees for the Italian short film contest Tellmefishing. This Monday, I was happy to receive this mail:

The jury panel has been very satisfied  with the videos received on the occasion of the first edition of Tellmefishing Video Contest and has decided to give, in addition to the official award, special mentions to some worthy videos .

In particular, it has been given a special mention for experimentation to the video:

Considered as  an interesting experimental and research work on the use of  images and the study of  sounds and  soundtrack.

Finally, we inform you that the winner of Tellmefishing Video Contest is:

Jonas Borinski with the video ” Luke”
Awarded for having communicated effectively , personally and emotionally the intimate and intense relationship between man and nature. A relationship that requires solitude , silence and rituals , expressed in images, gestures and music in complete harmony with the flow of water and nature.

And here are the two videos, Focus and Jonas Borinski’s Luke:

4 Responses to “Tellmefishing video contest”

  1. avatar

    Brothers On the Fly  on April 2nd, 2014

    Hey Joona,

    Thanks for mentioning and posting my video. You guys have been a great Inspiration ever since. Also congratulations!

    Cheers Jonas

  2. avatar

    Luke  on April 2nd, 2014

    Hey, watched “focus” again.nice work! and thanks for sharing our video here!
    Take care

  3. avatar

    Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing  on April 3rd, 2014

    Thanks guys, and congratulations!!

  4. avatar

    Amos Garrett  on April 12th, 2014

    I preferred Focus– I like shots of 1. bugs 2. rising fish. 3.the take. Without these it’s a bit too much like fishporn.

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At the casting club, part one

While waiting for the next episode in S.2, I will try to ventilate a rhythmic theory of mine. It is actually not about drumming but something as simple as fly casting. Or is it really that simple? Just grab a rod, attach a fly, cast 100 feet and catch a fat trout…

Maybe not that simple but still very logic. To make a proper cast, all you have to do is to load and unload the rod. Shadow casting is something else, that took us years to master and yet we have only seen the beginning of the shadow era… Over to regular overhand casting again; Simple, yes, but it is a little bit like music – the more we try the more difficult it gets. I recently started up a guiding company together with a nice guy (more about this later). I´ve already taught a lot of people how to grip the basic elements in fly casting but since I also have taught a lot of drummers, I keep thinking that there must be other ways to explain and other words to use. New words, never heard before anywhere. How about words like lobbo, stapp, jissie? Ok, cut the crap and continue…

I do now want to declare that I´m on to something!

This is very hard to express from a computer but I´m on a train right now and have no access to music sheet, so I´ll give it a try:

Ok, here we go:    //: 1             2and       3             4and ://  

Do you have it? Odd numbers is forward stop (or slow start)

Even numbers = back cast stop

And=drift after back stop

Count “one two three four one two three four and so on…”. Snap your fingers on every beat… Do you have it? DO YOU HAVE IT?

Well, it´s probably better to make a short video about this. At least I tried. Tried and failed. Tried too much perhaps?

Next time you fish or find your self standing practicing you casting stroke in a mudd hole, try not to try too much. Very complex, I know, but sometimes it is the best thing to do. Over and out, see you in E.2, coming soon in a world close to you… /F

The burger cast

The burger cast


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Season Two, Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up


Season Two Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

It´s been a really long road, but here´s the first episode of Season Two. Hope you like it!
We don´t have a releasedate for Episode 2 yet, but it should be ready very soon. We´ll let you know, so stay tuned!

PS! Those of you who follow all our videos will notice that although this is a brand new edit and a lot of the material in the video is new, large parts of this video were released as “The Only Way Is Up” two years ago, right after we started working on this project. The next three episodes will feature previously unseen material only.

Later -


5 Responses to “Season Two, Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up”

  1. avatar

    Graham  on March 4th, 2014

    Superb work guys and well worth the wait, really looking forward to the next episode!!!

  2. avatar

    Amos Garrett  on March 8th, 2014

    Great 1st episode! could you tell me what species of trout your sea-runs are? We have sea-run browns and brookies on the east coast of Canada and sea-run cutthroats on the west coast.– thanks– Amos Garrett

  3. avatar

    Keith  on March 8th, 2014

    hi, the IMAGO website link isn’t working, are they still going? If so where can I view there products.

  4. avatar

    Fredrik / Jazz & Fly Fishing  on March 10th, 2014

    Hi! They are restructuring their business plans right now… I think you just have to google it. Best regards, Fredrik

  5. avatar

    Fredrik / Jazz & Fly Fishing  on March 10th, 2014

    Thanks Amos! We have sea run brown trout but usually call them sea trout since they except for the spawning period spend there lives in the great big blue!

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Line Dancer (Lainen Dancer)

Hi! Yesterday I found one of my broken fly lines. It happens now and the and I have a couple of broken lines I have to admit. My standard behavior is to think like this when I find these line monsters: It might be useful, lets put i where I found it. I know that some guys use a warming pistol (directly translated swedish, might sound funny in you ears) and melt different lines together. Sounds cool but its not for me. So far I dont have a clue about about what to do with these line monsters… until today:

-Aha! Tying material! Caddis bodies!

Well, it is nor very revolutionary, but still, I really do believe in this fly pattern. Easy to tie, perfect siluette and positioned low in the surface. I will for sure bring a couple of line dancers this summer! Hmm, lets see… where are my new fly lines…

How to tie them:

Attach 10 cm of runningline Cut! Tie in one CDC feather Attach a bunch of deer hair... ... More deer hair, continue until only the eye of the hook can be seen Shape it as Mr. Caddis The Line Dancer


3 Responses to “Line Dancer (Lainen Dancer)”

  1. avatar

    Graham  on February 11th, 2014

    Nice fly pattern Fredrik though how did you manage to break a fly line??? lol

  2. avatar

    Chris  on February 12th, 2014

    Very nice Fredrik, innovation at its best. Now we need to see this beast that is going to try to eat it for breakfast, in about 8 years when the snow has melted.

  3. avatar

    Fredrik / Jazz & Fly Fishing  on February 12th, 2014

    Thanks, Graham and Chris! This line I actually used for maybe 10 years. Suddenly it went of (snap!) when I was power hauling trying to reach a rise.

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New Video: Season Two Trailer


Finally the trailer for Jazz & Fly Fishing Season Two is here! Enjoy :)

We are going to release four 15 minute episodes digitally during this winter and spring. And they will be completely free!

Enjoy and stay tuned for Episode 1!


Jazz & Fly Fishing Season Two TRAILER from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

9 Responses to “New Video: Season Two Trailer”

  1. avatar

    BrothersOnTheFly  on January 23rd, 2014


  2. avatar

    Bartek R.  on January 24th, 2014

    Can’t wait! You guys are always welcome in Wroclaw, Poland with open hands!!! :D

  3. avatar

    Adrian Delnevo  on January 24th, 2014

    Delightfully charming. Loved your season II trailer. Keep up the great work.

  4. avatar

    Graham  on January 27th, 2014

    It looks superb guys, can’t wait!!

  5. avatar

    RAB  on January 28th, 2014

    brilliant you should visit scotland !

  6. avatar

    Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing  on January 31st, 2014

    @RAB, yes, we should! We’d love to! When? Where?

  7. avatar

    Kris  on February 2nd, 2014

    Det ser ut til å bli en veldig bra sesong!

    Hilsen !

  8. avatar

    alexander knecht  on February 9th, 2014

    Hello, I love to Fish with Fly and love Music. Your idea and site is brilliant,thumbs up ! in May 2014 we have the german fly festival (hamburg) website starting following weeks. lots of international guest, casting, tying, tackle, lectures … maybe you are interesting to join our event ? greetings from germany alex

  9. avatar

    PeteTaylor339  on February 16th, 2014

    The trailer is beautiful guys!
    You are always welcome in Budapest as well, however I can’t promise trouts or salmon, only chubs.

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The year of 2013 and some bonus pictures

Fishermen, musicians and magic moment-lovers, hello and welcome to 2014!

I hope this year will turn out to be the best year so far in history. Better than 2013…

To make it short, fishing-wise I have had a lot of bad luck last year. Here is a short explenation…

It is late june in southern Sweden. To be more precise, it is two days after mid-summer, 2013, and I´m packing my rods, flies, stupid waders and so on. A little later, two friends and I are bouncing around on the secret hot spot a couple a kilometers from Gothenburg. It is sea trout dusk and the night is about to come. Temperature: still around 22 degrees.

Two hours later, the water is totally packed with trout. It´s absolutely crazy and I have never seen anything like this before. Good sized trout are rising for small ridiculous worms in the surface. The water is literally speaking boiling.

I know that I have the right fly and that the water is exploding of worms, so the tactic is basically just to cast on the same fish until it takes. Casting, casting, casting… One trout is way bigger than the other fish, steadily rising on the same spot about 25 meters from the shore. I make around 30 casts on the huge silver-mama.  It might actually be a papa…

Accidently I hook two trout around one kilo each and have a lot of takes from smaller fish as well. Still I try to avoid this and only go for the big mama. Cast number 40 is different. The fly lands basically on the trout and I start to retrieve the line. The fly is stuck! I make the strike and the water explodes. During half a minute the monster is running away with the fly line. Splock – goodbye! Fu.. !!

Same thing happens one more time that evening. Same thing happened every time I hooked a big fish during the whole summer. Except one fish that I actually caught: a cod. Thanks!

I´m totally serious when I say that every time I´ve hooked a 4 pounder or bigger last year, I lost it! Why? Nature is cruel!

After a while I started to get used to the feeling of slack-line after nice takes. Learned to love it. Such a fine feeling! I also developed a great ability to appreciate the sound of the fly landing behind me in the bush while I still could see a fat trout disappear in the clear water.

But now it is finally the year of 2014 and I expect to catch great numbers of huge trout and… no! I forgot; No jinxing!! The guys warned me but I did not listen. Now I do. No jinxing this year (then I will catch huge trout and so on… ). Ok, sorry! No jinxing!

To celebrate the new year, I choose to show nostalgic and beautiful photos from last years. Pictures that shows who we really are but also some nature shots. Among these photos I guarantee that you wont find any big fish from 2013 that I caught. They are still waiting to be caught! /Fredrik


4 Responses to “The year of 2013 and some bonus pictures”

  1. avatar

    Janne Raatikainen  on January 23rd, 2014

    Good post! When are you going to publish the 2013 videos ?? , and are you guys going to make new music for 2014 ? Can´t wait !!! :)

  2. avatar

    Fredrik / Jazz & Fly Fishing  on January 23rd, 2014

    We will actually have a planning and recording session in a couple of weeks. Thanks for kind words!

  3. avatar

    Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing  on January 23rd, 2014

    Hi Janne,
    some new videos coming your way pretty soon now!

  4. avatar

    Halvor Røberg  on January 24th, 2014

    very nice trailer , seeing forward to see more

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